Before you submit a URC proposal

How to participate:

  • The 2023 Undergraduate Research Conference will be March 31st. Students can choose to present live and in-person, live and virtually, or completely asynchronous this year.
  • Review the proposal guidelines on the Resources page to see information for preparing a virtual presentation and criteria for excellent research in presentations, posters, performances, readings, and exhibits. 
  • Submit a proposal online using the link in the AthenaCommons event page.
  • Submission deadline: March 22, 2023 by midnight.
  • Submission types:
    • Oral Presentation: Have up to 20 minutes to present your research (reading from a paper is recommended). Projectors and laptops will be set up for using visual aids during oral presentations.
    • Poster: Dimensions need to be 4' wide by 3' tall. Find resources for poster design and printing at 
    • Art Exhibit: Please contact if your piece requires special installation.
    • Performance: Have up to 20 minutes to explain research and perform your piece. If your performance requires special set up, please contact
  • Award categories:
    • Long-term research: Projects that have been active 2 semesters or longer
    • Short-term research: Projects that have been active 1 semester
    • Proposals: Projects that have been researched and designed for future completion
    • Asynchronous: Projects that are submitted and evaluated without a live presentation component.

**All proposals are submitted are eligible for a cash prize! For more information, contact