Previous Award Winners

Overall Winner - $300

  • 2019 Winner: Morrigan Hollis, "‘We are of more value than the sparrows’: Annie Coleman Peyton’s letters to her children"
  • 2021 Winner: Tie - Victoria Choate, "Dr. Claudia Limbert's Declaration of War: MUWAA v. Claudia Limbert and John McGee, "'Yes, Separation! No, Integration!' A Historical Analysis of Black Nationalist Groups Across the Decades: From the Civil Rights Era to the Contemporary Era"
  • 2022 Winner: Zithlaly Amezquita, "Endogenous CFTR Expression in Human Epithelial Cell Lines"
  • 2023 Winner: Jadelynn Rudolf, "Phage Peptide Technology to Characterize Extracellular Vesicles in the Brain Tumors"

1st in Long Term Research - $200

  • 2019 Winner: Sagarina Thapa, "Stability of CFTR on Plasma Membrane of a Lung Epitheleal Cell Line"
  • 2021 Winner: Emma Gousset, "Racial Disparities Among Individuals with Parkinson's Disease"
  • 2022 Winner: Maggie Ellis, "Sole and Separate": The Progression of Married Women's Property Rights in the State of Mississippi
  • 2023 Winner: Ayooluwa Ilesanmi, "Computational Evaluation of Bioactive Compounds from Vaccinium vitis-idaea L (Ligonberry) for Treating KRAS-associated Lung Cancer"

2nd in Long Term Research - $100

  • 2019 Winner: Katherine Morgan, "Genre Matrimony: Marrying the Weird to the Speculative"
  • 2022 Winner: Benjamin Little, "Impact of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) on Family Functions"
  • 2023 Winner: Maggie Taylor, "Triazole compounds – Potentials in the treatment of cystic fibrosis"

1st in Short Term Research - $200

  • 2019 Winner: John Jacob Miller, "Healthcare of Peru: How Does Casa Ronald Fit In?"
  • 2021 Winner: Hannah Heaton, "What is "Around Me" in 2020?"
  • 2022 Winner: Faith Langford, "Writing Toward Social Consciousness: Expressions of Sexuality and Gender in Mississippi University for Women’s Undergraduate Fine Arts Publication"
  • 2023 Winner: Hailey McCool, "Reproductive Health in America: A History of Patriarchal Control"

2nd in Short Term Research - $100

  • 2019 Winner: Michael Kinnick, "Longships and Vikings"
  • 2021 Winner: Faith Langford, "Reading The Nun's Priest's Tale through the Dream Vision Genre"
  • 2023 Winner: Hailey Reel, "The Downfall of Women’s Reproductive Health"

1st in Proposed Research - $200

  • 2019 Winner: Michaela Guyton and Leah Bentley, "The Effects of Music on Adolescent's Emotional State"
  • 2021 Winner: Sara Lynn Sligh, "Effects of Chloride Ion Channel Activators on CFTR Expression"
  • 2023 Winner: Aubrey Parker, "Sexual Knowledge and Wellness of College Students"

1st in Poster - $200

  • 2019 Winner: Diptika Raut, "Optimization of western blotting for detection of protein of diiferent molecular mass"
  • 2021 Winner: Cayla Skinner, "The Correlation between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Periodontal Disease"
  • 2022 Winner: Mikayla Reed, "Convenience or reckless spending? How mobile payment apps can help college students manage their money"
  • 2023 Winner: Reggi Pech, "What makes a good product?"

2nd in Poster - $100

  • 2019 Winner: Demyia Graham, "How Cellular Metabolic State and the Chaperone Protein Hsp104 Interact to Affect the Spontaneous Formation of the Yeast Prion [URE3]"
  • 2023 Winner: Irelyn French, "Investigating Historical Psychological Instruments on Campus: Mirror Tracing Apparatus"

1st in Oral Presentation - $200

  • 2019 Winner: Mary Norgard, "Clay County Civil Rights Movement: Black Power and Practicality"
  • 2021 Winner: Max Hartleroad, "An Audible Representation of Plato's Republic"
  • 2022 Winner: Bayleigh Dawkins, "Attempted Name Changes of MUW after Coeducation"
  • 2023 Winner: Annie Hollis, "Antagonistic Pleiotropy in Alzheimer's Disease"

2nd in Oral Presentation - $100

  • 2019 Winner: Lexi Fowler, "Instrument Selection in Geriatric Residential Facilities"
  • 2021 Winner: Zithlaly Amezquita and Justin Labonte, "Endogenous CFTR Expression in Human Pancreatic Cell Lines"
  • 2022 Winner: Max Hartleroad, "“We Got The...”: Jackson, Mississippi and the Punk Rock Scene, 1976-1986"

3rd in Oral Presentation - $50

  • 2019 Winner: Gwynnedra Vance, "The Travels of Sir John Mandeville"

1st in Asynchronous Presentation - $200

  • 2022 Winner: Emma Potter, "Curating the Past: Telling the Story of Women at the Columbus Air Force Base"
  • 2023 Winner: Tera Dora, "Perceived Racism and Help Seeking Behaviors on College Campuses"