MUW's Undergraduate Research Conference is a yearly event to showcase the on-going, in-progress, and proposed work of undergraduates across campus. Students who participate are eligible for a cash prize, given to projects that demonstrate excellence in different categories of research. Students who have worked or are working on an in-depth research project should consider submitting a proposal to present their work. In addition to getting invaluable experience, think of the Conference as a way to strengthen your academic community, build your resume, and take advantage of a chance for recognition. Find information about the URC, including past programs and resources for submitting a proposal at The OUR website.

To participate in the 2021 URC, submit your proposal online by clicking this link.

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2021 Undergraduate Research Conference
Artifacts from the 2nd annual Undergraduate Research Conference
2019 Undergraduate Research Conference
Abstracts and images from the first campus-wide Undergraduate Research Conference