Most Recent Additions*


Oh Lady, June
Mississippi State College for Women


Opening Plenary
Victoria Choate and Kim Whitehead


Closing Plenary
Heather McCormick


Information Session on Honors Programs at Four-Year Schools
Representative, Representative, Representative, Representative, and Representative


Q&A Sessions: Health Sciences
Hayden Hopper, Julia Rossano, Marlie McClung, Emma Gousset, Kamryn McIntosh, and Cayla Skinner


Q&A Sessions: Humanities
Hannah Arnold, Alec Blaylock, Victoria Choate, Jessica Roberts, Carlin Taylor, and Gavin Eley


Q&A Sessions: Stem Oral Presentations
Marissa Gandolfo-Muller, Kyé Richardson, Courtney Wyant, Reese Dunne, Laura Olive, Patrick Dunkle, Lauren Sumrall, Hanna Lambert, and Nathan Frey


Q&A Sessions: Social Sciences
Mario Marset, Selma Newbill, Alese Jones, Kalob Drewery, Chloe Jackson, Jennifer Kerry, and Michelle Legg


Q&A Sessions: STEM Posters
Alison Fullilove, Kathryn Moses, Zachary Ahmad, and Sumar Beauti

*Updated as of 02/26/21.