Policies for OUR Assignment Repository

About the collection

In order to promote course-based undergraduate research at MUW, this repository is a peer-reviewed collection of examples from faculty across different disciplines. The examples here have been reviewed and recommended for publication by members of the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee.

Criteria for review

Reviewers recommend submissions that are:

  • supportive of encouraging undergraduate research activity
  • adaptable for similar classes
  • clear in context and implementation
  • appropriate in scope, audience, and time

Submission timeline

The OUR coordinator will solicit no less than 3 reviewers from the Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee (or outside reviewers, if the assignment warrants more specialization than is available in the committee) for each submission. After reviewers have been chosen, they have 14 days to review, share comments with the author(s), and recommend the submission for publication, with or without revisions. Following the decision and subsequent revisions, the OUR coordinator will prepare for publication and notify the author(s). If no further revisions are necessary, the author(s) will approve the publication, and receive official notification of its posting. Author(s) may send their questions to the OUR coordinator at our@muw.edu.