Since the early 1980s AIDS has become a major pandemic. Health care practices and the motivational factors influencing these behaviors have become essential elements for health care providers to implement individualized care for persons with HIV or AIDS. The purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to determine the relationship between health care behaviors and the Health Locus of Control in HIV/AIDS individuals. The Health Belief Model was used as the theoretical framework. The hypothesis stated that there would be no correlation between health care behaviors and the health locus of control in HIV/AIDS individuals. A convenience sample of HIV/AIDS individuals was obtained from AIDS support groups in an urban mid-south area. Participants were surveyed to determine if health care behaviors, measured by the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile and health locus of control, measured by the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale were significantly related. Demographic data also were measured using a demographic survey. Data were subjected to simple and multiple linear regression analysis. No correlation emerged between health locus of control and health behaviors in HIV/AIDS individuals. However, when demographic variables and health behaviors were correlated, age, sex, and race revealed a significant relationship. Thus, nurse practitioners roust realize that dimensions such as demographic and cultural characteristics play an important role in determining health behaviors. Assessment of behaviors and the motivational factors (external control versus internal control) behind their actions are important elements in client care and should be considered when developing an individualized plan of care. One recommendation for future research involves the replication of this study with a larger sample size and additional ethnic groups.


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