Dr. Sally Palmer Thomason & Jean Carter Fisher


Dr. Sally Palmer Thomason & Jean Carter Fisher



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Dr. Sally Palmer Thomason and Jean Carter Fisher discuss their book The Power of One, about Sister Anne Brooks, a Catholic nun and doctor of osteopathy, who for 34 years served Tutwiler in the Mississippi Delta, one of the nation’s most impoverished towns. Starting with only two other nuns and regularly working 12-hour days, Brooks’ patient load—in a region where seven out of ten patients that walked in her door had no way to pay for care—grew from 30-40 individuals per month to more than 8,500 annually. Thomason and Fisher tell her powerful story, including her tumultuous childhood, how she overcame crippling arthritis in early adulthood, and her near-unprecedented decision to attend medical school at the age of forty.


Mississippi University for Women

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Dr. Sally Palmer Thomason & Jean Carter Fisher