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Oral Presentations: STEM


Each oral presentation of 15 minutes is followed by Q&A.


Zithlaly Amezquita, Mississippi University for Women

Endogenous CFTR Expression in Human Epithelial Cell Lines

Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane-conductance Regulator, CFTR, is a large size glycoprotein that is present on the cell surface of many epithelial cells. There are several mutations that effect the function of CFTR. The most common mutation, dF508, causes a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is common among the Caucasians of Northern European origin. The endogenous CFTR expression is difficult to detect by conventional western blotting methods. Using a newly developed western blotting method, I propose to detect the endogenous CFTR expression in human pancreatic cell lines, viz, Capan-l and CFPAC. By using human lung cell lines that have been transfected with the CFTR gene, I will also be comparing the endogenous CFTR expression to its exogenous expression.


Feb 5th, 10:15 AM Feb 5th, 11:15 AM

Oral Presentations: STEM

Each oral presentation of 15 minutes is followed by Q&A.


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