Chronic pain is a widespread problem affecting millions of people. Research has shown that attitudes and beliefs toward pain influence actions and reactions of both the person experiencing pain and the health care provider. Research has also shown that some health care providers have negative attitudes and erroneous beliefs about pain. This descriptive study was undertaken to explore and describe attitudes of nurse practitioners in primary care settings in Mississippi toward chronic pain and their subsequent interventions for chronic pain. Travelbee's Human-to-Human Model was utilized as the theoretical framework for this study. The two research questions asked in this study were: (1) what are nurse practitioners' attitudes toward chronic pain, and (2) what are nurse practitioners' interventions for chronic pain? A convenience sample of N = 161 Family Nurse Practitioners, Adult Nurse Practitioners, and Gerontological Nurse Practitioners registered with the Mississippi Board of Nursing was surveyed using a researcher designed questionnaire, the Coggins Chronic Pain Questionnaire (CCPQ). Descriptive statistics describing current attitudes of nurse practitioners toward chronic pain and interventions for chronic pain were generated. Demographic data regarding age, gender, area of certification, site of practice, and personal pain history of the participants were obtained. Responses to the iii instrument were analyzed using frequency distributions and percentages. Varying attitudes toward chronic pain were revealed. As chronic pain has been noted to be a widespread problem, nurse practitioners must examine their personal beliefs and attitudes toward chronic pain and their clients who complain of chronic pain in order to identify possible barriers to treatment. This study did not look at patient satisfaction or outcomes. Further research is recommended examining the relationship of the variables of patient satisfaction, patient outcomes, and patient perceptions of caring with nurse practitioner attitudes.


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