Historically, perceptions of nursing home residents have been based on stereotypes which compromise individuality. Care has been structured for efficiency of the organization, with staff emphasis on activities of daily living (ADL). Indeed, most residents move into nursing homes when they can no longer manage alone. The purpose of this descriptive study was to replicate research by Lindgren and Linton (1991) which focused on perceptions of residents' needs in nursing homes. Pender's Health Promotion Model provided the theoretical framework. The following research question was addressed : Do residents and nursing staff differ in their perceptions of residents' needs in nursing homes? A convenience sample of residents from two Northeast Mississippi nursing homes and their caregivers were surveyed using Lindgren and Linton's Problem Rating Scale. Responses (N = 84) were tabulated to analyze comparative ratings of the two groups' perceptions. Data were subjected to the Mann-Whitney test and Pearson's product-moment correlation. Significant differences emerged for the two groups' perceptions in 20 of 45 needs (44,4%). Further, significant inverse correlations were detected for 17 of the 45 needs (37.8%). i i i Based on these findings, the researcher concluded that significant differences in residents' and nursing staff's perceptions exist: physical problems (48%) and psychosocial problems (67%). Nursing staff members are most aware of residents' problems with ADL, with only one question answered differently (11%). Nursing assistants need increased instruction on prominent physical and psychosocial needs of the residents. Research is recommended to determine how perceptions of staff are related to staffing arrangements, education of staff, and/or scope of practice of staff. Inclusion of questions regarding residents' perceptions of nursing care would be enlightening, and replication in nursing homes in other geographic locations would add to the body of knowledge.


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