Nursing time is a valuable commodity and efficient use of that time is critical. The procedure for nasogastric tube (NG) placement verification has remained constant and is the same today as it was when intermittent tube feeding first emerged into practice. Technology has changed tremendously since that time, and it was this researcher's belief that the current procedure for tube placement verification represents redundancy and a resultant waste of time. Therefore, this study sought to evaluate the management of continuous-flow, large-bore NG tube feeding with respect to two foci: tube displacement and consequent complications and the efficacy of the 2- or 3-point check system currently used for placement verification. Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory provided the theoretical framework. A convenience sample (N = 15) was obtained from a nursing home located in a small town in the Southeastern United States. Data were collected with a researcher-designed tool. Analysis was descriptive, including frequencies and percentages. NG tubes were displaced at a rate of 4.9% (16/326). With each incidence of tube displacement overt signs were readily visualized. The average time required for NG tube placement verification was 49.6 seconds. Since no study that specifically focused on the above variables have been identified, this study could serve as a pilot study to facilitate the establishment of controls for future experimental studies. The Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (GNP), with compassion and knowledge specific to elders and research would have ideal skills to facilitate useful studies in long-term care facilities. Based on the findings of this study, the following recommendations are made: Replication of this study using a longer time span, larger sample, and a variety of sites and establishment (by the GNP) of current guidelines for the management of NG tube feedings in long-term care facilities.


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