The purpose of this research study was to correlate k n owledge about diabetes to age. From a population of former clients of the diabetic unit at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, a sample of 21 individuals w e r e g i v e n the Assessment of Educational Needs of the Diabetic Patient Questionnaire. Age of subjects ranged from 25 to 83 years with a mean of 51.5 years. There were 13 (62%) males and 8 (38%) females. Educational levels varied from 5 to 16 years with a mean of 10 years. There were 14 (67%) blacks and 7 (33%) whites. The number of years subjects had diabetes varied with a majority (10 or 48%) having diabetes between 5 and 10 years. The hypothesis for this study was that there would be no significant correlation between knowledge about diabetes and age. The statistical analysis revealed a r_ of .09 which led the researcher to fail to reject the hypothesis. There was no relationship between knowledge of diabetes and age.


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