This was a quasi-experimental study designed to determine the difference in blood sugar levels in subjects diagnosed with diabetes mellitus who received teaching on a high fiber, high carbohydrate diet and subjects diagnosed with diabetes mellitus who did not receive this dietary teaching. The researcher hypothesized that when the blood sugar levels of diabetic Indians who participated in a planned, high fiber, high carbohydrate dietary teaching program were compared to diabetic Indians who participated in the ADA diabetic exchange dietary teaching program and to diabetic Indians who chose not to participate in either teaching program, there would be no significant difference. There were a total of 30 subjects in the study— 3 groups with 10 participants in each group. The researcher met with Groups B and C on three occasions. During the initial meeting, each subject was asked to participate in the study, sign a consent form, answer a pretest, and complete the Diabetes and Dietary Questionnaire. The researcher obtained a blood sugar level from all subjects. The researcher met with each participant in the experimental group (A) for a total of 6 times. A blood sugar level was obtained at the conclusion of the study from all subjects in the three groups. A one-way ANOVA was used to analyze data. The results of the statistical analysis revealed significant difference for the hypothesis at the .05 level. Therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected.


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