Recent studies suggest that patient satisfaction has a direct correlation to patient outcome. In today’s healthcare system, satisfaction is the ultimate measure of services rendered from a provider to a consumer. From retail sales to the delivery of healthcare services, satisfaction surveys are highly regarded by the provider of services as a means to correct and improve products or services. A patient who is not satisfied with provided services will seek out providers with whom they gain the greatest amount of satisfaction. Telemergency is a fairly new concept that is growing rapidly in popularity with both hospital administrations and providers. Telemergency can be described as using audiovisual means of communication between a physician at a providing hospital’s emergency department with the nurse practitioner at an outlying rural emergency department in order to guide emergency care for the sick and injured. The physician can actually speak with the patient and the nurse practitioner face to face (via video) from hundreds of miles away. Due to the fact that this is a fairly new concept, there are limited studies that gage satisfaction between all parties involved. This evidenced based project seeks to establish a degree of satisfaction with nurse practitioner care in the telemergency program by using both published and unpublished data.


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