The purpose of this descriptive study was to compare the existence of cardiovascular risk factors between black and white adolescent males within the 18 and 19 year age range. A total of 22 male subjects, 13 white and 9 black, completed a three-day diary of diet, exercise, and smoking activity entitled The Heart Health Profile. Subjects were also interviewed concerning family history of cardiovascular disease, and measurements of blood pressure, percentage of body fat, and body weight were obtained. The researcher hypothesized that when black and white adolescent males were compared, there would be no significant difference relative to seven cardiovascular risk factors: smoking, blood pressure, dietary cholesterol intake, percentage of body fat, percentage of body weight above maximum allowable weight, aerobic exercise, and family history of cardiovascular disease. When the two groups were compared using the t-test, the only hypothesis which was significant at the .0 5 level was family history of cardiovascular disease. Thus, hypothesis VII was rejected. Since there was no significant difference at the . 05 level between the two groups relative to the other six risk factors, the researcher failed to reject hypotheses I through VI.


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