Staff Nurse Acceptance Of The Nurse Practitioner In Long-Term Care


Susan Kirkley


Nurse practitioners have become a vital part of the health care industry. While nurse practitioners have a major role in outpatient primary care, those in long-term care are less well established. This nonexperimental descriptive study was designed to explore the question: What is the acceptance by staff nurses of the nurse practitioner in long-term care facilities in Southwest Tennessee? Benner's (1984) conceptual framework was used in this study to provide direction and structure. The investigation was conducted using the Revised Davis Acceptance Survey. The instrument was administered to a sample of 86, randomly selected, long-term care staff nurses chosen from three long-term care facilities in Southwest Tennessee. Staff nurses completed the survey. Quantitative analysis of the data used descriptive statistics which were applied to the outcomes. Data were examined for content obtained from the questionnaire using the t test and correlational analysis. The findings indicate a high acceptance (21 out of possible 23) of the nurse practitioner role by staff 1 1 1 nurses. Those who were familiar with the role of the nurse practitioner had the highest degree of acceptance (84.9%). Implications and recommendations for further research were included.


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