The first purpose of this descriptive study was to determine if there were nurses who scored high enough on an e n t r e p r e n e u r ’s quiz to be considered possessing entrepreneurial characteristics. The second purpose was to determine if there were any correlations between the demographic data of age, sex, area of practice, educational level, length of nursing experience, site of practice, part-time work, extracurricular professional activity, marital status, number of children, ages of children, and the entrepreneurial score. Sixty-five registered nurses who practice in the West Alabama area completed a questionnaire that was composed of an 11-item demographic section and a 24-item entrepreneur's quiz. The individual demographic items (listed above) and the entrepreneurial score were submitted to statistical analysis using the Pearson Product at the .05 level of significance. There were no nurses having scores in the entrepreneurial range (180 and above); therefore, the researcher failed to reject the first null hypothesis. There were significant negative correlations between number of years experience and entrepreneurial score, r_ = -.2732, 2 ” .014, and between age of oldest child and entrepreneurial score, r_ = -.3923, = .002. Thus, the researcher rejected the second null hypothesis.


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