Previous research studies have focused on patient outcomes related to healthcare interventions, but there is little research available regarding nurses’ involvement in activities that would advance the profession. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses’ (APRN) contributions to the healthcare system lead to direct improvement of patient outcomes through research, mentoring new professionals, and participating in professional organizations. The theoretical motivation behind the study is Ray’s Theory of Bureaucratic Caring that proposed healthcare personnel consider incorporation of the business aspects of healthcare to propel nursing into the future. Ray dared nurses to become leaders in the field, understand the corporate aspects of health care, evolve bedside nursing through research activity, and build future nurse leaders with political and mentorship works. The study considers characteristics Ray demanded nurses take to control the future of the profession and advance the nurse’s role in healthcare. The study will assess current level of involvement of APRNs in three activities that directly advance the profession. Survey questions will address demographic information and the degree of participation in the three specific activities. The study will use a quantitative approach through randomized surveys distributed through face-to-face encounters, Survey Monkey, social media, and email. Inclusion criteria is limited to practicing APRNs within any specialty with a master’s level education or higher.


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