Mary W. Jones


Literature on postpartum depression suggests it has long been, and continues to be, a significant emotional disturbance in many newly-delivered mothers. Previous research has identified numerous variables which correlate positively to postpartum depression. The variables were grouped into the following categories; (a) genetic- constitutional, (b) psychological, (c) developmental, and (d ) social-environmental. This descriptive/correlational study was guided by the following research questions: (a) What is the incidence of postpartum depression in a population of newly-delivered Northeast Mississippi mothers, and (b) What is the relationship of postpartum depression and selected personological variables among these women. Neuman’s System Model provided the conceptual framework for the study. The Edinburg Postnatal Depression Scale and the Jones Postnatal Emotional Questionnaire were administered at six-weeks postpartum. The sample was drawn from a population of postpartum women using Health Department clinics and private physician offices in northeast Mississippi. The sample included 100 women with iv ages ranging from 14 to 41. Twenty-three percent were nonwhite. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the incidence of postpartum depression in this sample. The incidence was found to be 18 percent, which is higher than the incidence reported in the literature. To determine what variables were related to postpartum depression, data were analyzed using the Spearman rho correlational coefficient. All categories of variables except the developmental were positively correlated to postpartum depression. Based on these findings, the researcher recommends the following : (a) replication of the study with similar postpartum women in a different geographic area, (b) further exploration of the relationship of developmental variables to postpartum depression, (c) testing of the effect of nursing interventions implemented to decrease postpartum depression, and (d) further refinement and testing of the Jones Postnatal Emotional Questionnaire to establish reliability.


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