A descriptive study was designed to examine parenting skills of primiparas and determine if parenting skills correlated with maternal age. The researcher hypothesized that there would be no significant difference between maternal age and scores as determined by the Parenting Skills Questionnaire and the Observation of Parenting Skills. Primiparas, ranging in age from eighteen to thirty-three, comprised three samples : ten in the eighteen to twenty-three age group, ten in the twenty-four to twenty-nine age group, and three in the thirty to thirty-five age group. Parenting knowledge and skills were assessed of subjects with infants three to seven days old. Responses to a researcher designed "Personal Information Data", "Parenting Skills Questionnaire" and "Observation of Parenting Skills" were recorded and analyzed. The data collected were analyzed utilizing the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. The r values obtained were not significant at the .05 level. The researcher failed to reject the null hypothesis.


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