The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the differences in sexual knowledge and attitudes between public health nurses who participated in a short-term sexuality course and public health nurses who did not participate in a human sexuality course. The Sex Knowledge and Attitude Test (SKAT, Parts I and II) was used as a data collecting tool. The sample was taken from districts of the Mississippi State Board of Health. The experimental group took the SKAT following a four-hour human sexuality course. The control group took the SKAT without any educational exposure. The hypothesis stated that there would be no significant difference in sexual knowledge and attitudes of public health nurses following a course in human sexuality. There were 80 subjects in the sample, 39 subjects in the experimental group and 41 subjects in the control group. The test results were analyzed with the one-way ANOVA. The results demonstrated a significant difference on the sexual IV knowledge test and one subscale of the attitude scale. Therefore, the researcher rejected the null hypothesis.


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