Patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction was significantly impacted and tracked at the initial meeting or visit of the patient with the health care provider. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors in the initial health history interview that contributed to patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The Theory of Goal Attainment by Imogene King provided the framework for this study. The study sought to answer the research question: What are the factors in the initial health history interview that influence consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction? A convenience sample of 81 health care consumers, ages 21 to 80 years, was obtained from those clients awaiting treatment in three clinics and one physician's office. An open-ended questionnaire based on the Handelsman tool was used to obtain the data following a videotape presentation of two sample health history interview sessions. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Findings were that caring behaviors influenced satisfaction while factors of environment influenced dissatisfaction. Recommendations were for further research and application of satisfying factors into health history interviews by nurse practitioners and other health care providers.


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