Chlamydia has become the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease in the United States. Most infected women are asymptomatic carriers of the infection. Chlamydia is not a reportable disease in the State of Mississippi. Therefore, no data are available regarding the magnitude of infection in Northeast Mississippi. The purpose of this study was to identify asymptomatic chlamydial infections in pregnant women attending a midwifery clinic in Northeast Mississippi. The Neuman Systems Model identifying levels of prevention was utilized as the theoretical framework. The research questions guiding the study were what percentage of pregnant women are asymptomatic and what are the clinical, behavioral, and demographic characteristics of these women? A descriptive correlational study was conducted at a midwifery clinic in Northeast Mississippi from March 1992 to September 1992. Subjects were 97 pregnant women. Chart review was utilized to identify clients with positive tests for chlamydia. The McAlpin Record of Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Chlamydial Infection was utilized to identify demographic, behavioral, and clinical characteristics. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the sample. The chi-square (%^) value of 48.984, iv df = 4, 2 = 0.000 revealed that the presence or absence of clinical characteristics were not predictive of test results. Correlational statistics, Pearson r = 0.1178, p = 0.1571 revealed no correlation between tests results and clinical characteristics.


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