Injury from falls is a prevalent problem among the elderly population. There is not only high morbidity associated with falls, but also a high mortality rate. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an education program on perceived environmental risks and corrective actions related to falls among community-based elders. Johnson's Behavioral System Model provided the conceptual framework for this study. A quasi-experimental posttest only control group design was used to test the two hypotheses : The knowledge level of perceived environmental risks for falls will be higher among elders who participate in a falls prevention education program than those who do not; Elders who participate in a falls prevention education program will identify more corrective actions to decrease environmental risks for falls than those who do not. Data were collected using the Modified Craven-Bruno Questionnaire. The sample was one of convenience drawn from volunteers at two senior citizen centers in Northwest Alabama. The sample (N = 40) ranged in age from 62 to 86 years. A t test was used to analyze the data which led to rejection of both hypotheses. Other findings revealed that the older the subjects were the less confidence they had in the safety of their environments. Correlational matrices were used to examine relationships among variables within the two groups. In the experimental group there was a significant relationship between perceived risks and corrective actions identified which suggests that falls prevention education is beneficial to elders. The control group had a significant relationship between perceive risks and their confidence level which suggests that elders may feel confident in the safety of their environments simply by recognizing risks without identifying corrective actions necessary to alter their environmental risks. Recommendations for further study included replication of the study to include environmental assessments before and after the falls prevention education.


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