Development of osteoporosis has been a major concern for women who are menopausal since this bone disorder is a major cause of fractures in the spine, hip, wrist, and other bones. A relationship has been suggested between osteoporosis prevention and health-promoting behaviors, yet little is known about the attitudinal variables that may predict osteoporosis preventive behaviors among menopausal women. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effect of an educational program on behaviors related to osteoporosis prevention. A pre-experimental design was used to test the null hypothesis; There will be no difference in health promotion behaviors of women before and after an educational program in prevention of osteoporosis. The theoretical framework was Becker's Health Belief Model. The variables which were measured included hormone replacement therapy, calcium intake, and exercise. A researcher-designed questionnaire was the instrument used. The setting consisted of two churches in south central Mississippi. An education program was preceded by a pretest and followed up by a posttest 4 weeks after the program via mail to participants who met criteria. Data analysis was done using the h test by comparing pretest and posttest scores. The null hypothesis was not rejected as no significant difference was found between the pretest and posttest. Implications for the advanced practice nurse in the primary care setting include the incorporation of teaching as a facet of an holistic assessment. Education should begin with women as young adults when the attitudes and behaviors are being developed. Recommendations for future research include the use of a stronger research design in which one group receives the educational program and another group does not receive the educational program and inclusion of a knowledge test to be used as an assessment prior to and following the educational program.


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