LuAnn Massey


Breast cancer has been documented as the second leading cause of death in American women. Many needs are realized during the phases of treatment for breast cancer: at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and after treatment. The purpose of this descriptive exploratory study was to identify the needs of women with breast cancer during phases of treatment. With the Neuman Systems Model as a theoretical framework, the research question was as follows : What are the needs of women with breast cancer during the phases of treatment? Data were obtained using the Massey Subject Profile and the Massey Questionnaire. The setting of this study was a cancer support center in the Southeastern United States. A convenience sample of 12 women with the diagnosis of breast cancer at least a year prior to data collection was utilized. Data were analyzed using frequency distributions, percentages, and content analysis. Findings revealed information related to aspects of breast cancer would have been most helpful during all phases of treatment. Support was the action that would 1 1 1 have been most helpful and also was the greatest need during all phases of treatment. Concern for children was the greatest concern at the time of diagnosis and during treatment. After treatment, the greatest concern was cancer recurrence or metastasis. Support would have brought the most comfort during all phases of treatment. Recommendations included further research into the effect of alternative therapies and support groups on breast cancer prognosis and the impact of breast cancer on the family.


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