Self-esteem is recognized as a basic personality- characteristic of positive and productive behavior. The view the adolescent female has of herself is of utmost importance and may have an impact on behavior, achievement, social functioning, and physical and emotional health. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was a relationship between sociodemographic variables and self-esteem in adolescent females. Roy's Adaptation Model was used to guide this descriptive correlation investigation. Data were collected from a sample of 3 0 adolescent females from a small rural high school in East Central Mississippi. Participants were surveyed using the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and a researcher-designed demographic survey. Data analysis using Pearson correlations, the ANOVA procedure, and two- tailed t tests revealed a significant positive correlation between self-esteem and having experienced sexual intercourse. Self-esteem was also positively related to higher academic standing. Additional correlations were 1 1 1 assessed between participants' overall feeling about self and the educational level of their mothers as well as personal body image.


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