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A developmental study was designed to address the problem of adolescent stress and the need to provide home economics teachers with an instructional approach for teaching stress management. The specific purpose of the study was to develop, field test, and evaluate a teaching module on stress management. Module evaluation by field test teachers and student pretest and posttest scores on a test of stress management knowledge were designated as criteria for effectiveness. The stress management module was designed as a written plan, organized around concepts, for use by a teacher in directing the learning process. The module included terminal performance objectives, enabling objectives, instructional strategies, and instructional resources. Accompanying teacher resource sheets, student handouts, and transparency masters were also developed• The data-producing sample consisted of 11 home economics teachers and 205 students in the public schools of Mississippi. The student population was 23% male and 77% female. Fifty-seven percent were black. V and 43% were white. Four grade levels were represented: ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth. They were enrolled in a general home economics, family living, child development, or consumer skills class. The data for the study were obtained from responses to two instruments developed by the researcher: a one-page module evaluation sheet completed by the field test teachers, and a 27-item test of knowledge of stress management completed as a pretest and posttest by the students. The data from the sample were analyzed statistically by computer using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). An alpha level of .01 was designated and a two-tailed test was employed. The statistical analysis indicated that there was a significant statistical difference between pretest and posttest scores. The null hypothesis was rejected. The findings in this study support the following conclusions : 1. A teaching module can be developed which meets a student need for stress management instruction and a teacher need for instructional materials on stress management for high school home economics students. 2. A significant statistical difference existed between the means of the pretest and posttest scores. vi 3. The length of time suggested for the instructional period should be extended to facilitate effective use of prepared materials.


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