The purpose of this descriptive exploratory study was twofold: to determine if older adults are exercising and to examine their perceptions of physical fitness. Nola J. Pender's Health Promotion Model provided the theoretical framework for this study. The following research questions guided the study: (1) Are older adults participating in adequate exercise?; (2) Do older adults perceive themselves as physically fit?; (3) Do older adults perceive motivators to exercise?; and (4) Do older adults perceive barriers to exercise? A convenience sample of 40 adults, ages fifty and above, was obtained from a primary care clinic in a suburban area in Louisiana. Data were collected using the demographic survey and the Physical Fitness and Exercise Activity Levels of Older Adults Scale (PFEALOAS) questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The participants' scores for each subscale were analyzed to determine a range, mean, median, and standard deviation.


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