The student nurse researcher performed a research study to determine if there was a difference in the compliance of fall prevention interventions between dementia and non-dementia nursing home units. The student nurse researcher hypothesized the dementia nursing home units would be more compliant with fall prevention interventions than the non-dementia nursing home units. In contrast, the null hypothesis stated there would be no statistically significant difference in the compliance of fall prevention interventions between the dementia and the non-dementia nursing home units. The Fall Prevention Intervention Checklist was used to assess environmental fall hazards in occupied resident rooms. Of the 30 rooms observed, 14 were dementia and 16 were non-dementia. Upon evaluation, the statistical data analysis revealed there was a statistically significant difference in compliance of the fall prevention interventions. Therefore, the student nurse researcher rejected the null hypothesis. The research performed by the student nurse researcher implied that education on fall prevention interventions was one of the most important factors in fall prevention. For future research studies, the student nurse recommended developing a more thorough checklist and including in-depth factors in the checklist such as level of consciousness, polypharmacy, and diagnoses of the residents.



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