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Doctor of Nursing (ND)

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Dr. Alena Groves


Healthcare concerns develop from various external mechanisms that impact health. Overtime it has been witness that such mechanisms can include the food we consume, environmental hazards, lack of activity, chronic exposure to carcinogens, and even natural parts of the eco system such as bacteria or virus. Electronic devices have evolved over the past century and can be contaminates of health. They decrease physical activity times, limit face-to-face communication, and may interfere with mental health. As technology continues to evolve limitations and safe use should be well understood to decrease the negative impact electronic devices may have on health. Electronic device overuse associated health risks have been overlooked and understudied in the medical community (Poznyak, 2018). Gaps have been identified in the knowledge of providers with the associations of electronic device overuse, screenings for overuse, and ways to reduce exposure (Hill et al., 2019). Once providers are educated and made aware of the impacts, only then can they begin to understand the impact electronic overuse may have on their health.

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