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Doctor of Nursing (ND)

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Dr. Beth Turner

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Dr. Shonda Phelon

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Dr. Alana Groves


Though 90% of the United States population supports organ donation, only 60% actually sign up as registered donors (Health Resources & Services Administration [HRSA], 2021). This 60% makes up approximately 169 million Americans, but the chances of actually becoming an organ donor are only 3 in 1,000 (Health Resources & Services Administration [HRSA], 2021). Simply put, the need for organs far outweighs the availability of those organs for transplant. Literature reviewed supports that a lack of knowledge regarding organ donation may contribute to the decreased number of registered organ donors and that Primary Care Providers (PCP) have been successful at increasing patient’s knowledge level. Increasing a patient’s knowledge level ensures that informed decisions can be made based on facts rather than myths. The purpose of this doctor of nursing practice (DNP) project was to initially determine PCP knowledge regarding organ donation and analyze the level of engagement between the healthcare provider and patient regarding organ donation. Prior to participating in an educational session and receiving educational materials, PCPs in the Southern United States completed Questionnaire 1. After being given two to three months to implement changes in their clinical practice, Questionnaire 2 was then given. An anticipated practice change with hopes of increasing provider knowledge, confidence, and engagement with patients was the goal at the time of reassessment. To compare the two independent samples, descriptive and inferential statistics were utilized. It was determined that provider knowledge was not statistically increased from the educational session, but providers did report an increase in confidence when speaking to patients regarding organ donation. Respondents also reported a clinical practice change as a result of the educational session. In order to ensure informed decision capabilities and improve the knowledge of patients 7 and community members regarding organ donation, this project supports the need for continued organ donation awareness campaigning and education for healthcare providers and patients.

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